‘Phase’ - Crash Test Dummies - Group Exhibition - Trondhjems Kunstforening
- 3-6.May 2018.
Phase is an immersive installation consisting of two main sources which were a TV and
the view from a window. 110 camera obscura boxes were wrapped around the sources
in a symmetrical composition. External light were shut out by two elements; The win-
dows were closed off and a hanging wall was built. There was a bench in front of the in-
stallation. It was positioned in a manner that enabled the viewer to look at the sources
simultaneously. The camera obscuras functioned as filters superimposed upon the two
The TV and the window view were chosen because of their dominant presence in our
time. I wanted to expose and amplify differences in tempo and stimulus intensity. This
was done by framing and expanding fragments of the sources through camera obscu-
ras. The physical size of the cameras caused a reversal(upside down) and displace-
ment of the moving image. The cameras pulled fragments of the sources into the room.
It gave the viewer an opportunity to move around the image fragments. The experience
of the viewer changed depending on their physical position, ambient light in the room
and movements within the sources.
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