Håndavtrykk / Handprint 
Public sculpture made by Håvard Sagen for the project Book of Sand / Singular Hands - Sokndal, Norway (2021)
The Artist worked in the sand deposits and made a permanent hand imprint from cement, mining sand and abandoned metal. The imprint can be seen from different vantage points in the landscape while hiking to the surrounding peaks. 
About Book of Sand / Singular Hands
A collaborative project between the artists Matt Bryans, Håvard Sagen, Ananda Serné and social anthropologist/sociologist Merete Jonvik that took place from May to July 2021 at three artist-run spaces in Rogaland, Norway. Together we explored the dormant mythologies of three specific locations in Rogaland: a historic mining landscape, a marketplace, and agricultural surroundings. These locations host the artist-run spaces Velferden Sokndal Scene for Samtidskunst, Studio17 (Nytorget, Stavanger) and Studio K (Kvernaland, Time). The three spaces are situated in culturally significant places currently undergoing transformation. The intention of “Book of Sand / Singular Hands” was to let echoes from these silenced places return and to inhabit the sonic/ physical structures through an accumulating and multi-authored collaboration. It was our aim to introduce material from discontinued worlds, to absorb the local environment through the landscape, people and their stories and then continue these narratives through different mediums.
Book of Sand / Singular Hands received support from Arts Council Norway, Rogaland County Municipality, Stavanger Municipality and Bildende Kunstneres Vederlagsfond. 
Photos: Maiken Stene and Hans Edward Hammonds